Gone visitin'

I've hefted my baggage to two other wonderful blogs today.

#1. Anyone raising a child with ADHD or simply interested in hearing about my little inattentive and impulsive (but not very hyper) rugrat should head over to A Mom's View of ADHD where Penny regularly shares her experiences with and positive outlook on ADHD. Her site (and Facebook page) is fast becoming a go-to resource for parents struggling (or learning to love) ADHD.

#2. Over at The Scoop on Poop, I'm talking about those rugged years of the first child and the rigid measuring and comparing that come along with them. But don't worry, the whole point is how fantastic it is when you have your second (or third or fourth) baby and realize that nobody cares how quickly you get them off the pacifier or whether they potty trained before your neighbor's kid. Life won't wait for you to whip out your pen (or pull up your blogging platform) to record the good stuff -- you should just live it instead.

I hope you'll come say hi to me (and them)!


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