(Never) Still Life with Kids

**This post is part of Wordless Wednesday.**


  • Cheri

    gotta ask - what is in that bowl that Javi is eating? Looks like strawberries, fruit cocktail, cake, brownnie bits & more - strange combo. Bella is absolutely adorable sleeping!

  • Kelly Miller

    Close, Cheri! I refrained from captioning it, but that is a 'made by Javi' dessert that he was very proud of. I was working out in the yard and this was waiting for me when I got back in. I refused to eat it and made him eat it as punishment for tearing up the kitchen.

    It was: a can of fruit cocktail, whole strawberries, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, melted (actually burned) chocolate chips, red gel icing, and blue sprinkles. He said he loved it, but then woke up around 1 am with a tummy ache.

  • Allison McCaskill

    Delicious (the kids, not the slop snack).

  • liz

    I love the one of your daughter snuggle up in bed! Hey, I decided to move to WP, so I won't need your super awesome Blogger design talent. :) Thanks so, so much for offering! You should start a side gig for yourself.

  • Cheryl

    Great pictures, Kelly!

  • Anonymous

    I'm glad Cheri asked about Javi's dessert because I was wondering myself. :) I love the contrast between Bella's energy in the first picture and her lack thereof in the bottom one. Gorgeous photos!

  • Evelyn

    Great series of a slice of your life.

  • ChefDruck

    That picture of Bella sleeping is amazing. I always try to take pics of Juliette sleeping but the light always ends up off. How did you get it lit so well? And her curls are just beautiful on the pillow.

    Also loved the picture of your son on that big blue trampoline thing. Gorgeous colors.

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