I've been called many things, but today takes the cake. I earned -- through some heavy lifting and fearful tears -- the Bad Mom of the Year award. Yep. Here's what the award was based on:

You can hold your applause, though I know I did good work. You see it, right? I mean, how could you not? It's the big ole goose egg sitting on her forehead. I did it to her. It was an accident, I promise! She was standing right behind me (without announcing her presence) when I slung my bag (containing my laptop) up on my shoulder. It clocked her straight in the head. The goose egg popped up immediately (or at least I think it did, it took several minutes to calm her down enough to let me look).

She's really upset with me. I mean like hot, if looks could kill, tell your teachers your mama knocked you out kind of upset. But I earned it, so I'm taking it like a woman.

Of course, the day's not all bad. With the horrible always comes some good. I've been given the "Scoop of the Week" award from Drama Mama! You'll have to go check out my mini-post there today and the guest post I'll be doing on Monday.

For the next couple of days I'll be working on convincing my daughter that I really didn't mean to hurt her, handling the CPS calls/visits that'll likely roll in, and trying to help the Mountain Man live through it all. You know he took it worse than all of us, right?


  • The Drama Mama

    Awww poor Bella!! Thanks so much for coming over and doing posts for my blog. I'm very glad I discovered you.

  • Anonymous

    It happens to all of us Kelly! I'm sure Miss Bella will forgive you very soon. Just the other day I accidentally moved a little too fast and I ended up pushing Miranda over and she fell backwards hitting her head on the bottom of the couch. I felt terrible.

    Congrats on winning Scoop of the Week though!! :)

  • Kelly Miller

    Thanks ladies. Her teachers keep picking on me with texts like, "We'll wake her up at least once during nap time in case she's concussed."

    I have to say it's my first mom-inflicted wound, so I'm slowly learning to laugh it off.

  • Sassy Salsa girl

    Awww, poor thing. Give her a necklace with a bell on it, then you'll hear her behind you ;D

  • Anonymous

    OMG! You are totally at Toys R Us right now buying her something, right ;-))

    I am absolutely following you now from The Scoop on Poop! I can't wait to read more!!

  • Jackie

    Aw, poor thing.

  • Cheri

    Poor Bella - but she'll be over it and forget it long before you will! In the meantime, a trip to her favorite ice cream place is probably in order. Ice cream heals wounds quicker than anything.

  • Katie Jones

    I clicked on the picture to see it bigger, and I love that the file name is "terrifickid 002". :) Hope Bella's feeling better... don't worry about the goose egg. Katie Anne's first momma-inflicted goose egg happened a LONG time ago when I laid her on the couch, stood up to go get something, and she flipped off into the coffee table. Oops!!!

  • Janine

    Poor Bella, poor Momma! I know that feeling...I've bumped all three girls' heads on the car door putting them in their carseats in a hurry...nothing like watching your baby cry because you just wacked their head against the door frame. Lovely! As my mom used to say...'they're no worse for the wear!' Congrats on the guest blogging opp! I'll check it out!

  • Unknown

    Aaaww - poor thing. I am sure she has forgiven you now ;) I think every mom has done "something" to their children without meaning to.

  • Anonymous

    That's a good goose egg, not sure if I feel worse for her or you! I guess everyone has to take a turn with worse mom of the year. I've been there.

  • Cheryl

    I think most moms have a story like this, right? My mom still remembers slamming my fingers in the car door.

    On an unrelated note, I'm predicting that Bella is going to be a teacher. That face she's making in the pic is a "teacher look" if I've ever seen one. And I should know, I've given many of them myself. ;)

  • Cheryl

    BTW, love your Scoop of the Week post!

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