Feeling better

So, I lied. I mean, not about how she got the goose egg (no matter what anyone says) but about being gone for a couple days. I had to come back to participate in a fun carnival hosted by a new reader.

Feel Good Friday is all about reveling in the positive, the good stuff in life, so as to negate all the crappy stuff (like knocking your daughter in the head or being behind on deadlines because she was puking all week). I had grand plans to post this little conversation Bella and I had this morning, but that dang goose egg got in the way. Without further ado:

The prompt: Write about something that happened to you this week that really made you smile. Was it your child, husband, or maybe a complete stranger did to you?

The scene: Sitting on the edge of my bed this morning with Bella laying on her back beside me as I combed my hair. I put one hand on her little chest and wiggled it around as she giggled.

Me: My heart is so full of love you, ladygirl. Do you know you're my best girl?

Bella: Yep. And Javi is my best bruddah.

Me: I'm just filled up with love. Is your heart filled up with love?

Bella: No. My heart is filled up with wolfses!

Me: Of course it is.

End scene. That, my friends, is my life.

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  • VKT

    Hi there. I found your blog through Friday Follow. If you are interested in becoming a follower of my blog, I will happily follow yours.

  • J.B.

    What are wolfses? I like your humor very much.

    Those precious loving family moments are the best.

  • Kelly Miller

    @JB - Wolfses are wolves when spoken by a 3 year old. ;)

    @VKT - thanks for stopping by!

  • Anonymous

    That's too sweet!

  • Unknown

    Awww too cute. :) I can't wait until Shane can mispronounce words to me. :)

  • Cheri

    Curious why little Bella's heart is filled with wolfses? There must be some context to that comment from her?

  • Kelly Miller

    @Cheri - Have I never discussed Bella and the wolves? I must rectify with a post!

    @Shell - Don't blink, because if you do, that time will be here and you'll be equal parts elated and sad.

  • leaza in Denver

    I like your "Feel Good Friday" idea. :) My girlfriends always make my Fridays ROCK! Yesterday, after a stressful day at work, a fight with my mom over the phone, and my dog throwing up in the house....I released all those frustrations simply by laughing with great friends. Gotta love Fridays!

  • Cheryl

    What a great idea Feel Good Friday is! I love the idea of ending the week by negating all the icky stuff.

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