Who doesn't love cake?

Our Big Top CupCake wasn't the prettiest thing and I forgot to add icing between the bottom and top. But throw some icing on it and all is forgiven.

The mountain man and the big kid ate their pieces with gusto and many compliments. Bella licked the blue icing and then said, "I wan shello for my birfday!"

Yes, she pushed away her plate of chocolate cake with marshmallows and frosting in favor of a bowl of jello with whipped cream. And, yes, she thought it must be somebody's birthday if we were actually having cake.

We live a very decadent lifestyle, obviously.


  • amber_mtmc

    Oh, this made me giggle. Silly little toddlers with their unique tastes. We had tacos last night and my daughter refused to eat it. I mean, come on kid? It's tacos for Pete's sake!!

  • TKW

    As a kid, I loved nothing better than a big old bowl of jello with Cool Whip :)

  • Jack Steiner

    Looks good to me.

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