Just ... no

Regarding my earlier post: I should never watch Intervention while looking through old photos. I cry and snot and feel too deeply. Let's shake off the melancholy and get light.

Here are a few things you will not catch me doing, ever (and don't try to convince me otherwise):

Entering my child in a beauty pageant. I don't understand why parents prance their toddlers around in expensive clothes (they likely can't afford) and under way too much makeup. My daughter is a cutiepants and I know it. She knows it. We don't need the validation or attention that comes from a $2 trophy that's handed out to everyone who pays the right amount of money. If she chooses to enter a pageant one day, I'll support her -- but it's her body, her decision, and should have nothing to do with me.

Swimming in the ocean. Do you know what lives in the ocean? Sharks. Great big sharks with razor-sharp teeth and millenia-old instincts to rip me limb from limb. There's also poop -- fish poop, shark poop, people poop (the worst). No thanks. I'll stick to the pool conveniently located not 50 feet away from your salty cesspool. Thanks much.

Jumping off of stuff. It's unnatural. I mean, if I was designed to jump off cliffs or out of planes or from bridges with a cord strapped to my ankle, then I'd be the indestructible girl. But I'm not indestructible and you won't convince me to hurl it off of things. Any things. So give up.

Walk under ladders, or open umbrellas inside, or break mirrors. Yeah, I'm a firm believer in superstition. They were developed for a reason and I'm not one to play with danger. Just move around the ladder. You want to open an umbrella, go outside and open it to your heart's content. Do what you want with your mirrors. Be my guest. But don't try to drag me into your bad luck!

I'm not interested in why you love it or why everyone else is doing it. I don't care that you LOVE IT and it's the most fantastic experience in the whole world and if you haven't tried it then you haven't truly lived. Just .. no. Now let's move on, shall we?


  • knoxvillepixie

    Beauty pageant anything freaks the hell outta me, too.

  • colleen

    I'm so glad I don't have a daughter and don't have to worry about beauty pageants or beauty pageant mothers.

    I'm right there with you on the shark thing too!

  • Chibi

    Yeah, not a fan of the jumping either. PASS.

  • Liz Aguerre

    Ohhhhh, I don't think I'd LIVE if I couldn't go in the ocean at least once a week. (I know, I know, you said you didn't wanna hear it. Couldn't help it.)

  • Claudia

    Yay for people who are still superstitious! I'm actually really freaked out about that stuff, too.

  • Unknown

    I was watching a TV show the other day and they had to break a mirror to get it off the wall, and I think I died.

  • Kelly Miller

    I'll forgive you this once Liz. I'll stick my feet in and love to jump waves with my kids. But I won't swim and I'll never go further than the breakers.

    @Mary Jo - That made me suck my breath in and my heart fluttered. I would've had to change the channel!

    @Claudia - Amen. I don't understand people who can just flaunt The Rules.

  • Kisha

    I'm constantly reigning in my desires to enter my daughters in beauty pageants, ha! Every time I think I want to, I remind myself that I am not insane!!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    ha, i'm with you on #1, but everything else is ok with me. and the ocean? LOVE!

  • amber_mtmc

    Swimming in the ocean freaks me out. There really is something unnatural about THOUSANDS of water underneath me. *Shudder*

    Hey, did I mention that I really LOVE your new design?? Because I do!

  • Anonymous

    Oh, yeah, there will be no beauty pageants in my child's future. I have a friend who tried to get me to submit my son's picture to a beautiful baby contest. So not happening.

    However, I will parade my dogs around in cyber dog shows all year long :).

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