Mornings with Bella

At Javi's bus stop right after he got on the bus this morning.

Bella: Dat's a B, Mama. B is my name and dat B is Bus!"

Mama: Good job! That B is bus. Can you spell bus?

Bella: Uh huh. B-U-S. It right dere on Javi's school bus.

Mama: That's awesome, Bay! Can you tell me what other words are on the bus?

Bella: Hmm. Dat's a S! It say snake.

Mama: No, babe. There's no word that says snake.

Bella: Yes it is! It say snake right dere dat S. I seed it!

Mama: That S is for school. See, it's S-C-H-O-O-L school right before bus.

Bella: No, mama. Dat snake. SNAH-AKE snake.

Mama: Alright, you win.


In the car on the way to school:

Bella: I love dis song.

Mama: Me, too. It has lots of rhyming words. Hear that? Mat and sat and hat. They rhyme.

Bella: No more talkin'! Dis 'bout singing, not dem wyme words!

Mama: Don't you want to rhyme?

Bella: No, mama! No talkin'! I sing. You listen. Got it?

Mama: Geez. Got it.

Moral: You win some, you lose some. Or, in my life, you lose some, you lose some.


  • CaneWife

    LOL! He knows what he wants!

  • Moore Minutes

    LOL...this is super cute. I was smiling the whole time. PS I really love the name Bella. <3

  • Moore Minutes

    Also, I finally came around and read your "award" post and commented. Thank you SO much! I haven't been on any blog at all for awhile now. Somehow I got very behind in life :( and am playing catch up. Your blog background and header looks awesome! I'm happy I stopped by and read some posts. As always, your writing is captivating!

  • Kelly Miller

    Thank you Lisa! That's a high compliment coming from you. :)

    And, yes, she's a girl who knows her mind. As evidenced yesterday by a tantrum because I wouldn't buy her bright green combat boots. She couldn't understand they were too small (bc I totally would've gotten them if they fit!).

  • Sarah

    Adorable. I love little kid speak. Love it!

  • Draft Queen

    Never argue with an adamant child under 5. Ever. You can't win.

  • Jami

    sounds like my Turkey. He runs the who at my place! LOL

  • Jami

    I cannot spell. I need to be in bed. That is SHOW not WHO. sheesh!


  • amber_mtmc

    Your Bella makes me smile.

    I don't think parenting comes with too many win-lose situations. I guess we have to sacrifice something for our kids, right? : )

  • TKW

    She cracks me up! Miss D. always sings along to the radio and it drives Miss M. bonkers! She puts her hands over here ears and says, "Mama, make it stop!"

  • BigLittleWolf

    Precious times.

  • melissa

    i love conversations with kids. they are so stinking adorable!

  • Cheryl

    Too cute!

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