Snow days

We've recovered from the Great Blizzard of 2010. Piles of snow and ice are melting, buses are running, and we're finally able to walk without slipping and sliding across the ground.

But Bella's not worried so much about the walking. She's way more interested in the throwing. My goal is to buy weather-proof gloves for the next big snow so she can pack together the perfect snowball. I think she got more joy from just busting snow globs on the ground than she did sledding!
I am counting down the days until Spring bursts forth, but until then, I choose to appreciate this beautiful life.


  • amber_mtmc

    How sweet! My little girl LOVES to throw snow. She is so silly!

    We usually have loads of snow, but for some reason we have only had a couple big snow storms. It's a little bit strange.

  • TKW

    That's a big old chunk of snow she's got there!

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