The sun hasn't disappeared yet. I'm feeling so hopeful that the freeze of winter is behind us and we're tumbling gently into spring. I need to believe this, so I've stopped watching the weather channel and turn away from any weather reports. This is your warning to not pop my bubble with taunts like, "It's going to rain again tomorrow."

I'm not the only one looking forward to spring. I haven't bought grapes in at least three months because the price shot up to nearly $3 per pound for seedless varieties, but will be affordable again in the spring. Unfortunately, next to bananas, grapes are my children's absolute favorite fruit. So you can imagine their excitement when my sister turned up with a pound and a half of red seedless grapes already washed and ready for the eating.

Javi took his vat and escaped to his room to eat them while finishing up latest book. Bella disappeared, too, but then she showed back up with her apron and a determination to help me pick each and every grape off the vine. I prefer to leave them on (surely that keeps them fresh longer), but she was a woman on a mission (and this is a great way to work on those fine-motor skills).

You see why I couldn't stop her, right?


  • Cheri

    she's just too dang cute!

  • TKW

    Those curls are too precious! Miss D. is a grape-lover, too. I am so sick of clementines and bananas and apples. I'm ready for strawberry season!

  • Kelly Miller

    I agree -- winter fruits are old hat. We're planting strawberries this year!

  • Cheryl

    Aw, that smile! I promise not to tweet about the weather this week so that you can stay in your happy spring bubble. ;)

  • amber_mtmc

    Your sister is on amazing lady! Hitting the spot with your kids, I bet that put her at the top of the relative list. : )

    Bella looks so pleased with herself. Rightfully so.

  • Kelly Miller

    @Cheryl - I'll hold you to that (though it was rainy and gray here today)!

    @Amber - She is trying hard to win Bella over, but she's still on the bottom of the relative list (but only to Bella ... all the boy children adore her). She hasn't given up, though!

  • Jami

    She's adorable! That apron looks almost like a dress on her! so cute!

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