Because life is a circus

We're going on day ten in the house. There's snow and ice and rain. There's an empty checking account. There's an empty stretch of day without any light. So today there was a Big Top Cupcake (thanks to Grandma who gave it to Javi for his birthday).

I dumped a box of Betty Crocker in a mixing bowl and added oil and water. Javi cracked the eggs.
Bella had the most fun of her life using the mixer.
And then we got creative. Those lumps are jumbo marshmallows.
In the oven for a while.
And then there was this.
I undercooked the top part, so I stuck it all back in the oven to hopefully benefit from the latent heat. We plan to frost it after dinner. The kids are certain it will taste like heaven. That's all that matters, right?

 *This post is part of the Moms' 30-minute Blog Challenge.


  • Leslie

    that looks fun! i've never thought to put marshmallows in a cake before.. i bet it's amazing!

  • TKW

    Those curls!! Oh my God, those curls. How do you discipline that child?

  • Kelly Miller

    Discipline? What's that?

    Seriously, though. That child is so evil I have to discipline her or she'll kill us all. She told me today, "I da WOLF an I gon ead you ALL GONE! Eben yo' FACE."

    Uh, okay. Time out?

  • se7en

    10 days inside in a row... I new there was a reason I live on the far side of the world to almost every other blogger!!!! Well done for you for finding the fun!!! Have a great day!!!

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