Whachoo Eatin' Now?!

Bella has spent the past month sqawking at us when she sees us putting tasty things into our mouths or smacking her lips when she smells food. I've been trying to put off giving her solids until she's six months old, but there's someone in this house who can't tell her no. And it's not Javi.

So, we wound up with a box of rice cereal the other day. That pretty much did in my embargo on Things That Aren't Formula and I stopped by the Dollar Tree to pick up a rubber spoon so Bella Wayne can finally have a bite of something.

Let me tell you - it was none too soon. That baby knew exactly what to do with a spoon and got mad at me if I didn't shovel the cereal into her mouth fast enough. Her Ricky Bella hands kept getting in the way so I finally just handed her the spoon - and she promptly showed it who's boss.

We gave her another little meal this evening before her last bottle so Grandma could watch and exclaim over little Bella. I snuck in a little dab of peaches and Bella snapped up and gave me a "WTF?!!" look. So, we're sticking with cereal only for a while. And she's more than okay with that.


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