Bella has stopped sleeping. She'll cat nap during the day and usually pass out around 9:30 pm. But for the past few days, she's played possum at bedtime only to start babbling about 5 minutes after we get back down the stairs.

We always wait another 10 minutes in case she puts herself to back to sleep, but it never happens. Inevitably, one of us goes back for her and then rocks her to sleep. During the rocking, we try to keep her turned into our chests so that she has no stimulus.

But she'll twist and squirm until she can see our faces. Then she'll lift her head and smile or giggle. This happens at least 4 times before we can get her to sleep. As she gets closer to sleep, the smiles and giggles become bigger and deeper - as if desperation is setting in.

Night night baby.


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