Jordan Lake

We took the Charger out for its maiden excursion to Jordan Lake today. It wasn't easy. First problem: The trailer tire went flat sometime between when we pulled it home and this morning. Billy tried to Fix-A-Flat it, but when we tried to head out the first time, he looked back and saw the tire flapping around the rim. Obviously we had to turn back. An hour and new tire later, we finally got on the road.

Getting to Jordan was no problem, but somehow the Charger's previous owners failed to mention this pesky thing called a boat plug that means the difference between uncomplicated boating and sinking to the lake floor. Luckily we figured that out before anything horrible could happen.

The kids adored the boat, though. We took Camden with us. He and Javi spent their time laying at the bow, letting the wind whip them to pieces. Camden's not as comfortable with water as Javi is, so it took him a while to warm up, but by the end of the day, he was splashing around with Javi and Darrian like he's been doing it forever.

All three boys played perfectly together - there was no fighting, no name calling or jealousy. We couldn't have asked for better. Javi and Camden played so hard, they passed out like dominoes in the car and came right in, showered and tucked themselves into bed.

The day was fun but the best part happened at dinner. I asked Camden if he wanted seconds of anything. His answer: I want more meat. However, I realized he hadn't eaten his corn, bread or watermelon, so I told him to finish that first. 30 minutes later, I checked with him again - he had no intention of touching anything else but meat. So I gave him another pork chop. He finished that and said, "Man, I wish I had a steak!" Score one for the men - you know they love a meat eater!

Bella is a big fan of the boat - or at least, of sleeping on the boat. She remained smiley and happy throughout the day, despite the heat and sun. She got a quick bath and went down for the night in her CRIB. Yes, people, she's officially out of the bassinet. Of course, she made the decision, not us. When you can't stay asleep for hitting the sides of your bed, it's time to move up. She's slowly becoming a Big Girl.

Hope you had a great Saturday too!


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