New member of the family

So! After traveling to the far reaches of Greater Raleigh twice in one week, we finally have our brand spankin' new (to us, anyway) deck boat out in the driveway.

I commend Billy for getting it home last night because a) the boat is bigger than the Jeep, b) we didn't leave the seller's house until getting-dark-time and c) me and the kids fell asleep somewhere on US 1 S in Raleigh. So not only did he have to navigate a big a$$ boat in the dark, he did to a rousing chorus of snores and sighs.

Of course, I was exhausted from staying alert while out in deliverance country so I get a pass for my co-pilot faux pas.

I'll report back after our first outing, which won't be until this weekend. We're waiting on the delivery of our new infant life jacket before we dare take the baby out. In the meantime, here's a smiley picture of Bella Drool Face - she just woke up from a nap, so she's in a great mood!


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