Squirmy McSquirms-a-lot

My child is a mover and a shaker - especially when we put her in the bassinet for the night. I put her in the middle of it width-wise and at the bottom of it length-wise knowing that she'll creep around in her sleep.

But no matter how I adjust her, she winds up crammed into the top of it, usually sideways. I can move her back down 15 times in a night and still wake up with her face pushed into one side, her feet pushed into the other.

Here's an example:

But it doesn't end there. While Bella hates tummy time, she loves to move from side to side from her back. Today her head was so far back there was probably only half a foot to her butt. Her legs and arms were all cocked up - but do you think she actually rolled all the way over? NOPE.

I have an appointment today to make sure IUD#2 is staying put (you know, bc IUD#1 decided it wanted to come out and play). Let's keep our fingers crossed. If this doesn't work, I'm going for the Implanon and they have to cut you to get that one in.


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