Javi's 1st Day of 1st Grade

Javi started first grade the way he should: full of himself, proud of his hair and his shoes, and absolutely mortified that I would dare walk him all the way to his room. Instead, he made me stop outside his pod and he walked into his room without even looking back to wave at me and Bella.

On the way into school, he reached for my hand, squeezed it and said "Mom, I'm just too excited about this." That was the last touching moment we got because he was off like a rocket when we got close enough to the school that he could see people he knows. I felt like I was escorting a teenager.

When he got home today, he let me know that 1st grade is the BEST GRADE EVER and that his class was the BEST CLASS EVER and that he was the BEST STUDENT even though he did get in trouble for talking to Brendan and Jasmine ... and dancing Girl Style on the playground.

Guess we'll have to work on that.


  • Paula Coker

    Hi Good Looking.
    You the Man, Javi... I bet you are the cutest boy in your class. Tell your mom you got your moves from me. We will have to get together some time and I'll teach you some extra moves. I use to shake some.

    You better slow down growin up so fast.

    By the way, I heard from a birdie, that you guys MIGHT be interested in a kitten. I have 4 beautiful kittens to give away. They are ready for good homes, full of energy and tons of love. Tell mom to bring you by to see them this week. I will be home Wednesday. Pluse would love to see you and Bella and of course Mom,(guess you have to bring her - uh?). How is that tooth fairy pillow doing?

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