Right way, wrong way

The mountain man and I are in a heated debate, and I know who's right. However, he wants some outside input.

Apparently, I saw some words incorrectly. Those words are: bowl, blue, Tuesday, and caramel. You'd be surprised how often these words come up in our everyday conversation... and how we can't resist bickering over them.

So you be the judge. Am I saying the words correctly?

Now that you know how I say them, here's my phonetic interpretation of how he says them:

1. bole
2. bloo
3. Chewsdee
4. carmuhl

In other words: Wrong, wrong, wrong, and wrong. Am I right or am I right?


  • Cheri

    Not sure I get the difference between the way you each say 1 & 2 - but you win on 3 & 4!

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    your blue sounds a tiny bit different, but i'm on team kelly. what the junk is chewsdee???

    my husband says kinnergarden and sammich. and he says root like it rhymes with foot!

    it drives me insane when people say FRAtography. i hear it all the time and i hate it!

  • TKW

    Chewsdee? NO! And he says caramel like a mid-Westerner...is he?

    I lived in Kansas briefly and it used to drive me nuts how people said, "War-sh your hands." ARRRRR.

  • A 2 Z


    I pronounce the words like you. My husband pronounces caramel like karmel. It gets on one of my very specific nerve. The problem with us is that I am not in a good place to tell him how to pronounce these words as my first language is French, but still the urge comes up to tell him to pronounce these words in a correct way, which is obviously mine, right? Its too funny. Now that my girls are older they join in, poor guy, he is so outnumbered.

    But after years of trying he still says: karmel! I give up! I'm visiting from SITS. Fun blog. Anne-Marie

  • CaneWife

    #3 and #4 are way wrong. Too funny.

  • Melissa

    Well, I'm from East TN too, so I don't know that I'm qualified to answer! But I would agree with you on 1&2. He's way wrong on #3, but I usually say toos-dee so I'm not sure I'm much better! As for #4, you are very wrong. He's closer to right...I say care-muhl.

  • Kelly Miller

    @Melissa, don't you come up in here representin' Knoxville. Do you also say "seedy" instead of see-dee for CD?

    Yes, my dearest one is from East Tennessee. A tiny mountain outside of Knoxville to be exact. Well, a holler on the side of that mountain, anyway.

    @Suzannah - Foot rhymes with put. Roof rhymes with loof(ah). I haven't heard FRAtography, but I'll be on the look out for it.

    Oh, and my mom is the worst on pronunciation, but she's Old South. She says Saturday like "Sare-dee" and shrimp like "srimp." It's so hard not to correct her! ;)

  • Anonymous

    I'm not sure I understand the difference between your bowls and blues but I say my Tuesday and caramel like you. HTH

  • Lori

    You sound correct to me!!!
    I have heard #4 pronounced different ways but I do say it the way you do.
    I have nominated you for a blog award. Please head over to my blog to receive your award. (luvmyfive .blogspot .com with out the spaces) :)

  • Kelly Miller

    Billy says I put more "ew" in my blue, as if I'm French and not North Carolinian. According to him, my bowl and boat are Canadian. He says them more like boe-uhl. I think say those words perfectly.

    Thanks Lori!

  • Melissa W

    No, I definitely say see-dee. Like it's the 2 letters! And I've probably been known to say bow-uhl but generally I say it just like you!

  • Kim

    the words that get me are the way people say PECAN different - some say PEEcan and some say PahCON! For me, it is PEEcan. Then, there is the different ways to say cement - it is NOT SEEment! ;)

    Also, it drives me nuts when people drop half the word Ambulance by saying Amblanz!

    Isn't it fun to have pet peeves??? haha

  • Kelly Miller

    Okay, I say PEEcan, pine straw (versus pine needles), and suh-ment.

    I try not to correct people (ehemm, bc obvs if you're not saying it like me, you're wrong), but a certain man in my house makes a point of calling me out.

  • Cheryl

    Always fun to hear your voice. :) I think you say them correctly, but I might not be the best judge. I drive Hubby nuts saying "forward" like "foh-ward."

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