Have I mentioned Spring yet?

I should issue an open apology to Mother Nature, but I don't trust her quite yet. It snowed three times in three months, so it being 70 degrees outside right now means nothing.

We thought winter was finally over last week. Javi, Bella and I grabbed some soil and seeds and planted our behinds in the front yard to help nature along by planting some marigolds in an old egg carton. Bella loved scooping the soil out of the bag and dumping it in the holes. Javi loved micromanaging her. (That's sort of how it works around here.)

They took turns poking holes in the dirt and dropping a couple seeds in each one. Then Javi allowed Bella to scoop some earth back over the seed and liberally water our little styrofoam flower bed while he planted his own seeds in a separate pot.

I sent up a little prayer then for both my children and the hope they were sewing: Please let these seeds take root and flourish. Please show them how satisfying and fulfulling it is to create life from your own two hands. Please don't disappoint their soft and loving hearts.

We watered our seeds every day. And then suddenly there was a poke of green here and a hesitant little sprout there. And then today, there was shock and awe. A thank you and amen.  This is one of the tiny little reasons parenthood is so cool. I helped two children make this:
Now we just have to keep our babies alive. I'll be sending up more little prayers today. And perhaps Mother Nature will get her apology soon.


  • CaneWife

    That's fun! We tried to grow some potted sunflowers with Turtle... they didn't make it, but we'll try again once the weather warms up for real. Good luck!

  • amber_mtmc

    Indeed, one of motherhood's precious moments!

    I am sending good weather vibes your way!

  • AiringMyLaundry

    Good luck!!

  • The Ranting Mommy

    What a sweet post. Here is wishing Mother Nature is kind to you and yours!

  • Anonymous

    Gah I hate gardening. But if I looked that cute doing it maybe it wouldn't be so bad.

  • Kelly Miller

    Planting seeds in an egg carton isn't exactly gardening. We have to get them strong enough to transplant, thin them out, keep them alive, etc. That's the really hard part.

    They are pretty cute, though. That's what enabled me not to get psycho about how they were crushing the seeds, getting soil everywhere (including my hair), and dousing the poor guys in too much water.

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