QOTD: Hot chocolate

Javi burst through the door after school today with some news:

Javi: I had another great day, Mama!
Me: Awesome job. That's four days in a row.
Javi: I know, I'm doing really good. But, now five girls like me!
Me: Five? Wow. How do you know they like you?
Javi: They told me and they chase me and they call me "hot chocolate."
Me: (between laughs) Hot chocolate? Why in the world are they calling you hot chocolate?
Javi: I don't know. I guess because I'm hot and sweet and I do have these brown eyes.
Me: Well alright, then, hot chocolate. Looks like we have a new nickname for you.
Javi: Mama! Do not call me hot chocolate. You can even call me Stinkerbelle before you call me hot chocolate.
Me: Calm down, chocolate stinkerbelle.
Javi: Oh, no, Mama. You can't call me that. Now it sounds like poop!
Me: Hm. Are you sure you know why they call you hot chocolate? Maybe it's their version of Stinkerbelle. You are wearing brown today.
Javi: No, I'm sure it's because I'm hot. Like, 100 percent sure. Especially with my brown eyes.

100 percent, people.

I will never again question the hotness.


  • Cheri

    OMG - that is too cute! Love the self-confidence.

  • Kelly Miller

    I think the third-grade girls have created a monster!

  • Janine

    That is co cute. Hot chocolate...classic. You've definitely got your hands full...wonderfully full!

  • amber_mtmc

    Hot Chocolate? What the?? Hilarious!!

    I will definitely NOT question the hotness.

  • Kelly Miller

    I know - of all things, hot chocolate? Billy (aka my mountain man) has been calling him "Mayola" (white milk) all night. :)

  • suzannah | the smitten word

    this is too funny!

  • Christie@MommyDrinksBecauseYouCry

    You gotta hand it to the kid, he's got confidence! Nice job, Mommy!

  • Kelly Miller

    Gah. That confidence! I'm trying not to over-analyze it and just let him enjoy being nine, but I want him to feel confident based on who he is rather than how others see him. But, for now, I'm stepping back and just letting him be a kid. It's so hard!

  • TKW

    chocolate stinkerbell? Love it.

  • TKW

    Had to add another thought--did you ever see the movie "Coming to America"?

    Eric La Salle (of E.R. fame) played this douchebag who was in a band called "Sexual Chocolate." I got the giggles this afternoon when I remembered it. Watch out!

  • Sarah

    Hot Chocolate. This is too damn funny. 100% sure. I'm STILL chuckling. I love that little man.

  • Unknown

    So funny! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

  • Unknown

    So cute! Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  • Unknown

    He is REALLY cute. I love this post and I love his confidence. What a sweetie!

  • BigLittleWolf

    I think this is adorable. I'm all for HOTNESS. (Let him enjoy it - because girl teens are fickle! Go Javi!)

  • Unknown

    LOVE IT. :)

  • Kelly Miller

    Yep, it won't be long now before someone breaks his heart. I think part of his confidence stems from spending a few years as the "bad kid" in his grade. That was before we got his medication sorted out and he matured a bit. Hopefully we won't ever go back to that!

  • heather@actingbalanced.com

    wow - are they ever starting young... better lock him up til he's thirty mom... the girls can be wild at that age!
    stopping by from SITS

  • Nicole

    Dropping by in return! Adorable blog!! LB Tea Party! ~ Nicole

  • KDC Events

    Hi Kelly! Thanks for stopping by KDC Events! Your son sounds just like my 6 year old! He always comes home with great stories too! It's great being there to hear them huh!! =)

  • The Drama Mama

    This made me giggle, and giggle some more. He's so adorable. I can see why the girls love him. He really does have beautiful brown eyes.

  • Susan Berlien

    I love that! His eyes are pretty magnifying. Yeh, don't question the hottness my dear ;)

  • becca

    You just make me smile. It reminds me of a book that Hannah loves called, "I love you Stinkyface".


  • julie

    I love that! Kids say such cute things. He's handsome! Definitely hot chocolate. :)

  • chennifer

    Kids are so much fun!
    In swedish, when we want to say that someone has done something bad, we say something that rougly translates to : How ugly you are!
    Once I said that to my then 12-year old little brother, who answered: "Me? I'm a looker!"
    It was so hilarious!


  • Cheryl

    Love this!

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