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My last child will be a ripe 3 years old in less than a month. I wouldn't believe it except that not five minutes ago I caught her in a corner slathering her face with Vaseline. That's "I'm gonna be three!" behavior if ever there was any. (And don't tell me your three year old never slathers her body with goopy crap while knowing full well it's wrong hence the hiding in the corner.)
I'm in the middle of birthday planning. Here's what I know: Kite theme, yellow/green/blue/red striped pillowcase dress with a red kite-shaped pocket and embroidered tail, yellow and lime green plates and cups, a red and blue bandana banner, cupcakes with pale blue frosting and white clouds with a kite-shaped candy nestled on top. We're going to the local dam, which produces a steady billow of wind, to fly kites and run free on what should be a beautiful spring day. In case you can't tell, I'm pretty excited about it (and who cares that Bella keeps saying, "I'm havin' a pwincess pahty!" She'll love it when she gets there.

The only thing I'm not 100 percent about is what to get her. She only says that she wants a pink piggy bank (no, really, that's what she wants -- and I hear it about 15 times an hour), but I bought an Elefun for $5 on Christmas clearance. The mountain man wants to get her a bike and a fish (a fish on a bike?). I want to get her one of those puzzles that are cubes instead of pieces so they make six puzzles instead of one. My heart says she'll be getting all four, though a certain nine year old is gonna be hot considering he only got a video game (which, to be fair, was pricey ... and his birthday is two days before Christmas).

I have many, many decisions left to make, but at least they're fun decisions. Oh, and I don't sew so I have to figure out how to make the dress (and shape a pocket and embroider). Here's the cool part though. CSN stores contacted me this week to offer a product from one of their websites to review. They all kinds of fun stuff, from special needs toys to kids bedding to cookware. After looking through their offerings, I spotted this:

#1. It's the type of puzzle I want for her (because she whips straight through regular puzzles). #2. It's Melissa & Doug (enough said). Ten points to the person who just guessed that my daughter is definitely getting a puzzle for her birthday.

But here's the cool part -- they're sending me two puzzles. One to keep and review ... and one to share with my friends (hint: that's you). I'm not too worried about the review part because (hello) it's Melissa & Doug and they do no wrong (and I'm not fishing for a job if you're reading Melissa and/or Doug, but I wouldn't turn one down either). So be on the lookout for your chance to get a fun puzzle, too.


  • Unknown

    The party sounds so cute!! Can I come? :P
    Oh and if you get a fish make sure you're prepared to get like 20 more when each inevitably dies :)
    oh and for the record I did include modern family!!!! I forgot Glee though .. I blame it being off-season :) one of my favorites of all time!

  • Kelly Miller

    Glee comes back in April thank the Lord!

  • Janine

    My middle daughter pulled the Vaseline thing..only she put it all in her hair, can you say 'Dawn dish-washing liquid'? Nightmare! God makes them so cute so we don't hurt them, I'm convinced of it! Party sounds great! Love the puzzle. Haven't heard of this company. I'm going to check it out, thanks!

  • Lori

    Very almost 3-ish to me!!! Katy has made quite a few messes lately and I look at them and wonder "What the hell goes through her little mind?
    I honestly have NO idea what we're going to do for her birthday.... probably just do the Build A Bear thing and leave it at that???? I don't know.
    Her dress sounds very cute and I'm sure that Katie could help you out with ideas... I can do the basic dress part but the Kite pocket & tail would mess me up!!! LOL No matter what you do, she'll have a ball!!!

  • Tatiana

    Ohhh the kite party sounds SO FUN! I wish I had a springtime birthday :(

  • Kelly Miller

    In the span of today, she has also dumped an entire 5 lb bag of bird seed in the grass, sneaked a box of "shews" (Javi's fruit chews), and ripped all the buttons of her pajama shirt. It's been one helluva day!

    @Lori - my kids would love Build-A-Bear. Sounds like a great way to spend a birthday.

    @Tatiana - Billy, Javi, and I are all fall/winter babies, so this is our only springtime celebration. We try to make the most of it!

  • TKW

    God, my kids have made some colossal messes. One involving Vick's Vapor Rub. I think I'm still traumatized.

  • Jami

    My son't bday is next week. We had a big party yesterday but I STILL can't figure out what to get him. Isn't the party enough??? :)

  • Carrie

    My oldest once got a hold of Penetan creme (you know the water-proof diaper cream?) and got it EVERYWHERE. My youngest did the Vaseline thing...kids love the goopy stuff

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