Want... Badly

I'm a reader. I read books -- lots and lots of books. And blogs (so, so many), magazines, catalogs, the backs of boxes and bottles, and anything else I can get my hands on. I make long lists of TO READ to take to the library and then cry inside because our tiny country library doesn't have much that interests me that I haven't already read.

Obviously, when the chance to win a Kindle comes along, my spirit lights up. You understand, right? Because who can afford to put out that kind of money on an e-reader when the library is free? And maybe in 2011 I'll be able to check out Half the Sky. Or maybe it'll be 2012 ... if the world doesn't end.

So would you help a sister out? Would you click on this button and give me one more entry into this drawing? Then you can add your own entry and get your own link. It's a win-win. Pretty please?

Win a brand new Kindle!

Alternately, Santa could bring me a Kindle. But I think the giveaway has better odds.


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