So much Santa, so little time

On Thursday, my Jaycees group helped serve dinner to foster parents. Because we're adoptive parents, our family was also invited to attend the dinner. So while I served up the meatloaf and greenbeans, Bella and Javi played bingo, danced to holiday music, and each received a gift from Santa.

Oh, Santa. I think Bella would trade in her entire family for the big guy. When he first entered the room, her eyes flew open and she stood frozen in her spot. Then she realized I may not know he was there, so she came running for me. I was standing around the corner from her, so when she wheeled around that corner with her curls bouncing and her eyes as big as saucers, I knew. I knew she was hooked. She came barreling at me yelling, "Mama, it's Santa! He's here!"

I scooped her up and we went to sit patiently at Santa's feet until it was her turn to sit in his lap and take her gift. She sat very patiently, clapping for the other children and smiling brightly for Santa, until he called out her name. And then she clambered right up into his lap and gave him a big hug. She smiled for a picture and then hugged him again. She took her gift and then leaned in for another hug. Then it was time for her to move on so another child could visit Santa. She pouted and hugged Santa tightly one more time, said softly, "I wub you, Santa Caws," and walked pitifully away.

My heart would've broken for her except I had a secret up my sleeve: 2 more days of Santa! Today my Jaycees group hosted forty children at our Hut for gingerbread house building and guess who made an appearance? Yep. Bella was so tickled! Javi barely glanced at Santa, but Bella marched right up to him and demanded, "I takin' a picture and I gettin' a hug!" How do you deny that?

Our time with Santa isn't over yet. We're visiting with him (same Santa as earlier today) again at a friend's house later this afternoon. And then tomorrow we're heading out to the New Hill Railway for a whole train ride with a different Santa. She may think he's old news by then, but I have a feeling Santa has found his number one fan in my sweet girl. Stay tuned for more photos!


  • Anonymous

    Awww so cute! My mom told me recently that when I was younger I worshipped Santa. Oh wait, that's Satan. NOT Santa. Nevermind.

  • Kelly Miller

    Nice! I had a long argument with a friend the other day because he kept telling Bella and Javi that Santa is just Satan with a cute hat. Bella just kept correcting him, but Javi was looking around with big eyes like someone was out to get him. We had LOTS of questions to answer after that one!

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