Look at those fine motor skills!

I'm not bragging. Really, I'm not!

My Bellabug strung the beads and picked out all the correct letters for this fashionable number:

Yes, I chose the colors, order, and words. But the 2.5 year old picked up the correct bead, strung it, and then demanded "wud cudder nest, Mama?" or "wud yetteh now?" when I spent too long marveling over her brilliance development.

I had to pry it off her neck at bedtime, which prompted a massive tantrum from her and lots of eye rolling from the mountain man. Fortunately, I hung it where she could see it and she finally accepted her fate. I imagine it'll be her must-have item for school tomorrow.

Thanks to Nonni (my older sister) for sticking it in her Christmas pile. It was a hit (and maybe I'm bragging just a little bit)!


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