Christmas Recap

Our holiday celebrations aren't over yet, but I can already tell you what we'll remember most about this Christmas.

1) Javi will remember his "reindeer bell" that came attached to the Santa letter that appeared by magic on our doorstep. He's worn it non-stop since Christmas eve. He will also remember his totally awesome lego set and converse sneakers (guitars and skulls pattern).

2) Bella will remember her Princess Potty. Not sure why, but that's what she wanted from Santa and she got it. It plays a "princess song" when she tinkles. She has used it approximately 1,873 times since Christmas morning. I can only hope that having her own Princess Potty will mean some lasting potty training.

3) Billy will remember that if he doesn't help purchase or make a single gift, doesn't arrange for Santa letters, and doesn't organize any holiday get-togethers/meals, then he should expect full wrapping duty. Yes, it will be overwhelming (despite the kids only getting 5-6 gifts each), but he earned it by not really doing anything to get ready for the big day.

4) I will remember that buying and making all the gifts, arranging the Santa letters, and organizing the holiday parties/meals really isn't hard when you get started early and remember to maintain your boundaries. Also, I'll remember to use a checklist to ensure all gifts are put under the tree. Javi has a telescope and an easy bake oven still waiting in the attic!

All in all, we had a low-key and fun Christmas. I love that the kids aren't rushed to-and-fro, and that they get enough gifts to be bowled over yet not so many that they lose appreciation. I have a feeling this will be the last Santa year for Javi; I'm happy it was such a good one.


  • Moore Minutes

    Sounds like a fulfilling and GOOD Christmas! I love that you did the reindeer bell! I have vivid memories of my cousin getting a bell one year. I was entirely fascinated by that!

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