Felty Goodness

A year or so ago, I stumbled upon a Blues Clues felt board that came with Blue, Magenta, Tickety, Salt, Pepper, and a thinking chair. I immediately wanted it for Bella, but I was too cheap to spend $20 plus shipping. Also, I don't think Bella was old enough to really appreciate a felt storyboard.

That was a year ago. This week, I've been lusting after several different felt boards across the Internet. (Yes, I know, I was lusting after a child's toy. It's been a long week, okay?) However, I didn't put a felt board on Bella's Christmas list and I just couldn't justify buying her something else when I've already purchased all her gifts.

Sooooooooo. I decided to make one. This is where things usually go downhill for me, but I am pleasantly surprised by how my homemade felt board turned out. While shopping at Hobby Lobby on Friday, I purchased a 10 x 12 sheet of hard felt (for $0.77) and 4 sheets of regular felt (4 for $1). I wasn't sure whether I was going to attempt people or animal shapes, but then I got home and remembered that I'm not Martha Stewart, so I did something much more basic. Voila:

Here's what's great about this felt board:

1) Both of my children love playing with it. Bella had no idea what to do, but she got the hang of it very quickly once Javi sat down and start playing.

2) Choosing shapes instead of more complicated pictures turned out better developmentally. I love that the kids have quickly figured out how to build landscapes, creatures, and other fun stuff out of circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles.

3) Dude. I paid $1.77 plus tax! It cost virtually nothing to make and the kids love it. If it gets destroyed or they lose interest, I can use the felt pieces on another craft or send the whole board onto a younger child.

Can you tell I'm proud of myself?


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