QOTD: At the garden

Confession: Javier and I went to the garden this morning for the first time in more than a week.

Yes, I am lazy.

No, I am not wasteful.

I actually donated whatever was ready for harvest to the organization that runs our community garden to sell at the local Farmer's Market. The feedback was that our basil was the tastiest and prettiest (thanks to my endless pruning) and that our tomatoes were the firmest and juiciest (thanks to us eating them as fast as they ripen ... and often before they ripen).

However they chastised me about our bell peppers, which we can't seem to save from blossom-end rot, and our cucumbers, which I can get to stay on the trellis, so they often have ground spots and take the shape of mutated gourds. But they taste good!

During the hour we spent this morning hunched over in the heat with stink bugs, bumble bees, and gnats circling our sweaty heads, Javier laid some choice phrases on me. Allow me to share:

Upon observing a pest-attacked cherry tomato: "Oh my god, Mama! Do you see this hole? It's like ... bigger than my nostril!"

Upon getting buzzed in the head by a rogue bee: "AAH! It's just like Daddy said - the bees are rising up against us!"

Upon reflecting on the size and scope of our tomato plants: "Wow, our tomatoes are bigger than everyone else's. I like being the biggest, don't you, Mama? Yeah, I know you like being the biggest - you're bigger than Daddy!"

Upon finding the water distributor broken on the hose: "Stupid water hose! You want me to stick my hand over it, Mama? I sometimes want to do that to my pee."

Upon finally getting in the car to go home: "Oh no! All this hard gardening work makes me have to go to the bathroom. AND I MEAN POOP!"

Hope you had equally funny and gross moments with your 8 year old today.


  • Sharon G

    Too funny!!! Today's Hannah-ism involved her pooping on the potty...she got up, turned around, looked in the toilet and said, "Holy Christmas...did that come out of me?" Ahhhh...gotta love kids!!

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