Donna Lynn

Last weekend we had the privilege of attending the christening of little Donna Lynn*, whose parents Kevin & Melanie are friends we met through the Jaycees. Donna Lynn was born a month early at the end of April.

You can't tell from this photo, but this baby is the tiniest, strongest little girl I think I've seen. At a bit older than 2 months, Donna Lynn still only weighs 7 pounds. Which means she is now around the same size as Bella was when she was born. Only Ms. DL is a squirmy little nugget who holds her head up, tries to crawl, and can rock from left to right to the point that she just gets up on her side before she moves again.

I tend to forget how strong us humans are. It takes a sweet pea like Donna Lynn to remind me. Born at 4 pounds, she is a survivor! And my children were smitten with her. Javi held her for a good 15 minutes as he cooed at her and stroked her face. Bella kissed her all over, patted her face, and practiced holding her. She then cried for Doe-nuh Win the whole way home.

It was a sweet day and we were so happy to be part of it!

*Side note - Donna Lynn happens to be Billy's ex-wife's name. When Kev & Mel first told us this was the name they'd chosen, I was slightly buzzed on mojitos and let them know what a horrible idea it was. Luckily, they forgave me and named their baby the name they liked. It's a bit hard for me, but it's not my baby so I'll get over it!


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