"Feel better" craft

What is a day of sickly kids good for if not guilt-free time to do some crafting!

Our friend Maxine, who loves to watch Bella, had her hip replaced this week. I bought her some chocolates, a ceramic plaque thing that reads "Treat me like the queen I am," and a book that will hopefully help her pass the time until she is back on her feet.

But I needed a cute way to package the treats. So I bought a plain brown bag and delved into my paper crafting supplies. This is what I came up with:

I am pretty pleased with how it turned out. I think I love the tag/bookmark the most simply because it's so small and cute. Here are the close ups:

I started working on these around 3 pm after Bella finally went down for a nap and was finished by 5 pm. A short and sweet crafting session! (Okay, that's short for me. I usually take forever trying to decide what to do and trying different ideas.)

I hope you had a fun Saturday, too!


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