Who IS in Rabbit's house?

Every Monday in July, Javier participated in the Lee County Library's "Be Creative" summer reading program. For an hour each afternoon, he learned the principles and practices of theatre by auditioning for a role in "Who Is In Rabbit's House?"

By all rights, any child born in my family should be chock-full of drama. While Javi didn't come from my baby-room (as he calls the womb), he possesses the flourishes and flounces that bud early in most actors. So, no one was surprised when he not only nailed the role he coveted, but also portrayed his character so fully and so earnestly that it brought everyone around him to tears (from the fits of "isn't he adorable" giggling).

Prepare yourself. Here is J. Stone Miller (his official stage name) in his first amateur production. Remember, you saw him here first:

Postscript: Javier would like everyone to notice that he did the best and he didn't even need his script. "I'm a great theatrer, aren't I, Mama?"


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