Recently, some folks made the comment to Billy that I must not work very hard. I mean, obviously, if I have time to update my Facebook status then I'm sitting around popping bon-bons and watching the soaps, right?

Okay. Partially right. I do enjoy a good bon-bon (or sweet things in general) and I do have lots of stuff on my DVR to provide background entertainment...

But I want to give a big FU to people who have so much time on THEIR hands that they feel comfortable making judgement calls like that. So what I can update my Facebook status, Twitter, get one kid to daycare and the other to two separate camps, plan the family meals, balance the family budget, arrange for car and boat repairs, volunteer, work several different freelance jobs and everything else that needs to be done -- all in a day's work and without breaking a sweat.

If you think you know too much about me, there's a solution: UNFRIEND. It won't hurt my feelings, I promise.

However, please refrain from EVER discussing me negatively with my husband again. Because I have lots of hurtful, nasty things I could say about people. But I don't. And I wouldn't. It could be because I have more class. But in general, it's because I have 800 more important things to do and you don't rank.

Thank you and goodbye.


  • Of Pandas and Pirates

    Boo to the haters! I love you Kelly and I think you're a very hard-working mom! ((HUGS))

  • Unknown

    noted. ;-) Sorry someone was talking smack about you! (And to your husband, wtf??)

  • Courtney Jenkins

    You tell 'em! We (esp. us PJ gals) all know how much a mommy has to bust her butt to work AND keep the house in order AND be a loving mommy on top of all that! A little FB, twitter, blogging, & Hobby Shopping is stress relief!

  • Kim

    BRAVO!!! Who put them in charge of keeping track of your every move, anyway???

  • Katie Jones

    I'm getting frustrated with some "haters", too. I'm going to give you some names and emails ... just replace your name/info with my name/info and send them this message for me. Go get 'em, girl!

  • Anonymous

    You GO girl! Whoever made that comment must not be a mom...or if they are, they don't clean, volunteer in the community, help out their friends, and be an overall over-achiever like you!! Meg

  • Lori

    {{{HUGS}}} Kelly... I'm so sorry that some people just don't have lives and have to create drama. Ughhhhh.
    You're a great Mom who works her arse off trying to get EVERYTHING done. And obviously these same people do not know that you can update your status from your cell phone.... quick and easy and NO 'net needed.
    Try not to let those people get you down.... you don't need them!!!! (but you're stuck with us PJ moms for sure!!)

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