Time for a tea party

The boys in our neighborhood love to come play with Javi. The ring the doorbell at all times of the day and early evening asking for him to come outside to play or if they can come inside to play.

But they know the deal. Once they come inside, they are fair game for our Baby Monster. Here she is forcing Javi and his friend Kendall into a tea party, which she calls a "pic pic" (picnic):

Kendall tried to eat all his food and drink his tea super fast, but Bella refilled his plate and cup as quickly as he emptied them. Then he tried to hurry Javi up to Javi's bedroom, but Bella was too quick for them. She simply moved her picpic over to where they were standing and demanded of him "SIT DOWN KENNEL! HERE YO PICPIC!"

He never stood a chance. :)


  • Sharon G

    How sweet that Javi's friends "humor" her and play!!! Just be careful...when I was a kid, I would pin my brother and his friends down to play with me...and as we got older, I dated a few of them...HAHA!!

  • Kelly Miller

    Sharon - that is so funny! I was picking at Billy that afternoon about how Bella follows Kendall and his brother Jamison around and cries when they leave. I told him - you know one day we'll get home and she's gonna be sitting next to one of those boys on the couch making googly eyes and sneaking phone calls to them late at night, right? And they'll try to be in the bedroom with the door closed and the boys'll be waiting for her to get home from school, right?

    He turned pasty white and had to eat an Oreo! :) Love it!

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