Potty training woes

Ms. Bella was somewhat potty trained -- or at least wearing panties all day -- for the first two weeks of July. But then something happened.

I think we pushed her too far. There was a lot of prodding and cajoling and bothering and reminding. All day long it was "Bella, do you need to pee?" or "Bella, let's go peepee in the potty!" And I suppose a two year old can quickly tire of such pressure.

So now we're back in diapers. She prefers to poop in the potty, though, so the diapers are mainly only full of pee... which is nice in a poopy diapers stink kind of way. However, being in diapers means that her daycare teachers don't bother taking her to the potty and she feels perfectly fine peeing whenever she wants. In fact, if I ask her if she wants to pee, she'll pat her diaper and say, "No, mama. I peepee in-a mah diapah."

But we were lucky enough to capture this shot before the regression took over:

Yes, that's Bella peeing. On a travel seat. That is resting on top of a cinder block. How great is that picture for blackmail one day?! We happened to be out at the garden and the building was locked. Bella May had her panties on and we had to make a decision. I think we made the right one. :)


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