101 Dalmations at the Temple Theatre

I'm trying to get Javi more interested in drama and acting. It started back in the beginning of the summer when Javi decided he was going to write a play. He couldn't figure out how to do it exactly and needed a lot of help to move it along.

So I took that as the cue to help him learn more about plays as a genre and acting as a skill. For starters, I signed him up for a drama workshop through the library's summer program. At the end of the workshop, he'll perform in a little play as part of the program's talent show. Javi was stressed out about it at first, but now he's excited and loves practicing his lines. He plays the star of the show, though he's only on-screen at the end.

But to give him some perspective, I took him to see 101 Dalmations performed at our local theatre, The Temple, by the summer children's conservatory.

We had a fantastic time! The Lindauers met us over there and we all enjoyed 45 minutes of great music, dancing, and storytelling.

I loved that Javi had the chance to see local children performing on stage, as well as watching a real-life example of what plays are all about. I plan to take him to see more live theatre. He sat straight up in his seat, clapped appropriately, and smiled in delight the entire time.

I can tell we have a budding theatre fan -- even if he'll only participate as an audience member.


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