The Shots

Bella had her 12-month shots back on April 4 ... and she's still not the same girl. She used to be a smiley, sweet baby ... not anymore!

Okay, to be fair, she's also cutting all four top teeth and has contracted a slight cold. So, there are extenuating circumstances. But! My sweet baby.

I remember when Javi started cutting teeth full time. Back then we thought Evil Javi was a fluke. Now I realize it's part of childhood. Perhaps teething is a transition equal to puberty. The sweetness burns off and leaves a raging toddler. Alright - maybe I'm over-stating the problem, but Bad Bella is not same baby from April 3.

Whatever. Bad Bella cries and throws herself around when things don't go her way. She kicks and screams when you try to change her diaper or clothes. She stands at the gate and cries when you're in the kitchen and she's not. She throws a fit when she sees the gate for the stairs.

It's all so traumatic for her. I remember the "Bucking Bronco" from Javi's toddlerhood. Oh my goodness - I am NOT ready to relive those years! Bring back my laid-back baby!


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