I took great pains this morning to sweep up yesterday's crud from the kitchen floor, put Daphne's dog food on the table and shut off the bedroom and bathroom - all so that Monkey could roam freely in her favorite room.

So Javi and I are perusing the Big Green Help because he wants to go green at school. But there's this eery silence in the kitchen. I send him to make sure she hasn't found something nuclear to get into ... and he yells "Oh no Bellbell!" and rushes out on to the deck.

Tell me why that child was outside trying to go down the deck stairs? Yes, she had wriggled out the dog door and was making a run for it. We brought her back in kicking and screaming and put the stupid gate back up. Just when I thought it was safe to expand her world.

I have to admit - I turned into a crotchety 80 year old by mumbling, "give them an inch and they'll take a mile!" as a reinstated the prison bars.


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