Another First

My wee babe did what I have been expecting for weeks... she climbed out of the crib.

I really have been on pins and needles at naptimes for the past week or so. This monkey sleeps wonderfully at night and goes down without so much as a peep. But naptimes are a completely different story. She whines, screams, thrashes and then whines some more before she'll allow herself to settle into sleep.

Well, today's naptime was like the others. Loud shrieking accompanied by her thrashing around in the crib like a caged animal. However, this time I heard a large *WHAP* *THUNK* followed by the piercing cries of a wounded animal.

I raced up the steps but I knew ... I KNEW ... that she was out of the crib. Lo and behold - there she was standing in the middle of the room with her hair on end and a terry cloth summer hat clutched in one hand. Snot and tears streaked her face and belly.

Obviously, the dramatics were out of fright because when I burst into the room, she pivoted on one feet and took off in the other direction. I did attempt to put her back in the crib but she was so pitiful I just gave up on naptime. We may try again after Javi gets home.

She's currently chilling on the floor drinking some juice and watching Bunnytown without a care in the world. Go figure.


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