Do these count?

Along with shimmying out dog doors, Bella may have developed another very important skill today: Giving orders!

She loves wandering around in the yard, so we take at least one long walk (to her) a day. Unfortunately, on days like today when I have lots of work, we can only squeeze in yard explorations. Today she plopped herself down in a clump of flowers and promptly began demolishing them as I stood beside her.

She looked up at me and yelled "dihhhhh dowwww!" in a slightly imperious voice as she patted the ground beside her. Like any good servant, I plopped right down beside her.

It's my fault, really. She likes to eat off of our plates, but I don't like her roaming with food in her mouth, so I make her sit down first. I say "sit down!" in a pleading, yet firm voice while patting the spot where I want her to park it. It takes a few times, but she eventually sits.

Guess I'm better trained than she is. :) But those syllables totally count as words, right?


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