When I was young...

At the ripe old age of 9, Javier has penned and illustrated his first memoir. I would be jealous of his 8-page tome, but, well ... it's only 8 pages. And he only had access to five colors for the illustrations. So there.

His autobiography is aptly titled "When I Was Young" and each page highlights a favorite memory. They aren't necessarily the ones I would've chosen for him (I mean, the first page is a huge slice of pizza), but they are pretty accurate for my creative, funny little boy.

These are my favorites:

Poor beheaded flowers. I love that yellow brick, though. Did you know we are the
brick capitalof the entire world? (Imagine huge brown eyes staring at you now.)

Only a dedicated waterbug would use his arms as "pedals." Paddles are for wimps!

I think my favorite part here is how the slide empties into nothing. I bet that landing hurt!

Who doesn't love a "recidal," especially when everyone sings the same note?

These aren't Javi's most detailed drawings, but I think they're pretty fantastic. Fittingly, I'm writing about ADHD and creativity over at {a mom's view of adhd} today. You can see I have lots of experience to share!


  • Anonymous

    I love a good children's book (in both senses of those words). Thanks for sharing!

  • Bibliomama

    Eve makes books too -- I love it. And don't feel bad about the giant slice of pizza -- my friend asked her son what his favourite thing was when he was seven and he said 'watching tv'.

  • Anonymous

    What a great memoir! And to think - he's published at age nine!

    I also love it when kids say things like "when I was young." I like it almost as much as when my late grandmother, in her 80s, used to talk about "old people." :)

  • Katie Jones

    Great job, Javi! I love this idea... it might be hilarious to see what my first graders would do in a "When I was Young" memoir, too. I'll have to try that idea when the maternity leave is over!

  • Kelly Miller

    Katie - I'd love to see their creative responses!

  • ck

    I love it! His words, his illustrations, and the way his heart shines through his book.

  • melissa

    I *heart* drawings. I have a HUGE pile to sort through right now...

  • Cheryl

    LOVE it! TFS!

  • amber_mtmc

    I want it. Tell him I'll pay...a bag of chocolates and some spare change. Deal??

  • Moore Minutes

    Kelly! This is just SO cool. Keep it forever. :) I love how he wrote "use my arms like pedals". He is going to take after you and be a talented writer!

    Also, I got those ruffled cupcake liners at Michaels.

  • Rudri

    This is great. Kelly you are right - these are fantastic drawings. He definitely is creative.

  • Unknown

    Too cute! I love to see what is going on in their heads. Isnt funny the things they remember? Thank you for sharing

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