QOTD: The rules (!!!)

It's official. My kids run me. But for every day full of yelling and combativeness and argumentative behavior, there are days that make me wonder where the hidden camera is. Today was one of those days where I chose to be happy without qualifiers or expectations.


Thirty minutes after picking at the delicious and nutritious meal I had prepared for lunch:
Bella: Mama, I'm still hungry.
Me: What do you want?
Bella: Um. A Twizzler. A big red one with strings all on it. You can't cut it!
Me: You aren't getting a Twizzler.
Bella: Okay, an icy pop.
Me: No
Bella: A cookie!
Me: No. If you're hungry, you can have a banana.
Bella: I'm not hungry. I'm thirsty! I'll take an icy pop!

While trying to have some special pre-school time with a new connect-the-dots workbook:
Bella: Mama, you say "Homegirl, you are really getting the hang of this!"
Me: Homegirl, you are really getting the hang of this!
Bella: Don't talk!
Me: But you told me to say it!
Bella: Okay. Now you say, "Girl, you are really getting the hang of this!"
Me: Girl, you are really getting the hang of this.
Bella: I said don't talk! (x 100)

In the first 20 minutes after Javi arrived home from school:
"My teacher makes a weird noise every time she talks. Like she can't breath. Don't you think she's taking the talking too far? I mean, she did say she loves to talk, but that's just too much!"

"Listen to this! I was just looking at my stomach, you know, with my shirt up, minding my own business, and Jasmine said, 'Javi, you have six pack!' And then Lilybeth came over and said, 'I want you to sit by me!' I was just minding my business, but obviously they weren’t!"

"Oh, yeah, mama. I forgot to show you this. [Points at left arm] Frank. [Points at right arm] Sarah. Get it? I named my muscles. This one’s Frank and this one’s Sarah. Husband and wife. And my six pack is their babies. I named all six of them Bobby."

After finally having time to watch the remake of The Karate Kid:
Me: Go ahead and put it in the envelope so we can send it back.
Javi: I need to keep it.
Me: We can't keep it, it's not ours.
Javi: I need it mama. I need the kung fu.
Me: The kung fu? What is the kung fu?
Javi: Mama. Everything is kung fu. Duh!

So tell me -- what did your kid say today that made the nasty stuff fade into the background for a while? (And for more posts on intentional happiness, check out Momalom and Bad Mommy Moments.)


  • Cheri

    Javi naming his muscles cracked me up! As long as he doesn't start taking on the attitude of "The Situation" it's all good!

  • TKW

    "Don't you think she's taking the talking a little too far?"

    God, your kids crack me up! That Bella, asking you to call her homegirl!

  • ShannonL

    "I named all six of them Bobby."
    HA HA HA! That is so hilarious! And cute! Gotta love 'em! :-)

  • Bibliomama

    Agh! Aside from the episode of Mike and Molly I watched, this is the giggliest I have felt all day! My kids did come up with some good stuff today, but I'm saving it (been dry on the blogpost ideas lately -- sorry).

  • Draft Queen

    "I named all six of them Bobby." Freaking hilarious.

    Also, I'll have an icy pop.

  • Emily

    So funny that Bella told you not to talk (x100) ... ah to really know what is going on in that tiny perfect little brain of hers.

    My favorite moment of the day was when I asked Audrey if she wanted to give baby sister her bottle. I put a pillow under her arm, put the baby in her lap, and handed Audrey the bottle. When she stuck it in the baby's mouth her whole face lit up and said, "Mom! It's WORKING!"

  • Anonymous

    His muscles had babies and he named them. OH MY GOD. So, so funny.

  • C (Kid Things)

    Homegirl, your kids are hilarious!

  • Amy @ Never-True Tales

    My kids tell me what to say and then tell me not to talk, too! LOL

    And I have a related six-pack comment: The other day, Calvin said, "I don't like taking my shirt off at practice (to change jerseys)."

    Me: "Why?"

    Cal: "Coach made fun of me."

    Me: "What?!"

    Cal: "Yeah, he said, 'Whoa! You have a six-pack, kid!'. I don't know what that means."

  • Rudri

    Believe it or not, sometimes I've had a twizzler and icy pop for lunch. I can relate... although I am not inclined to have my daughter indulge in those treates.

  • Liz

    I was so thankful the other day when I got a phone call because Kate had asked what we were going to do after dinner, I told her, and she just breezed right past that and started listing options for me to consider.

  • Hyacynth

    Hahaha!! I'm dying over here about the muscle names and the babies! Your little guy is hilarious.
    I love that you found the good, the blessings in the midst of trials.

  • Life with Kaishon

    Oh my gosh homegirl! Your kids are too funny and cute. The babies? Cute.

    My kid did a lot of funny things today. I was too grumpy to notice : (

  • Jami

    Yes, I need to record some of the nonsense conversations we have as well! These are hilarious. I especially enjoyed that he named all 6 Bobby. That is awesome. :)

  • Kurt Everest

    This is Kurtis, well I love reading about the funny things bella dn Javi say, they make me smile while I am working. I loved the naming of the muscles and think Bella is smart way beyond her years. I miss having great neighbours like you guys.

  • Amber Page Writes

    Love that he's named his muscles. That's too funny. This weekend, Tori (who only speaks two word sentences) hugged me and said, "mama mine!" That made me smile...

  • Brittany at Mommy Words

    Love the muscle naming and the fact that the six pack makes the babies. Priceless!

  • Jack

    A while back my daughter looked at some old college pix of me and asked who carved the lines in my stomach.

    When I explained what a six pack was she asked me if my stomach got hungry and ate them. Nothing like kids to keep you humble.

  • Cheryl

    These are my absolute favorite posts. They always put a smile on my face. :)

  • Leslie

    Homegirl, that **** is funny. Thank !!! that you're putting it all down, dialogue by dialogue.
    Now I think I need the kung fu, too.

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