Fairly Awesome

Weeks and weeks ago, the fair came to town. We went and rode and ate and enjoyed all the carnie goodness a Southern fair offers (including thin, twisty fries with vinegar and ketchup and banana pudding ice cream ... mmmm).

This trip also marked Bella's first time riding a roller coaster without trying to beat the ever-livin' crap out of the person beside her as she did last year. (Ah, what a great memory.)

And Javi was super proud to be the only person under 20 on the pirate ship. And, yes, he was smiling for me to take his picture. He wants it framed. ;)

It wasn't all sunshine and rainbows, though. Because Javi refused to ride with her, Bella kept getting paired up with other kids her age. She was not happy about it. As evidence by her facial expression here:

And how she clambered out of the car here:

And Javi spent at least $10 throwing darts at balloons but only walked away with a $1 teddy bear that he wound up dropping somewhere.

But we made memories and enjoyed a hot, should-be-fall-but-isn't-yet school night at the fair. Oh, and Bella made my mountain man ride a horse on the carousel. Man. It was classic. Can you imagine the deep discussions they're having?

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  • Michelle @Flying Giggles

    Those are great photos! I LOVE the one where your daughter is climbing out of the car. Your son is too cute, you should blow that pic up and frame it for his room!

  • ChefDruck

    My kids love the $10 balloon darts too. Almost as much as my husband who could plunk down his cash all night long to win those ugly stuffed animals! Still, nothing beats that fair food. Loved your pics. thanks for sharing.

  • Dumb Mom

    Oh the fair! You know how we love that. Sad it only brings the artery clogging food, games that rip you off, and carnies to town once a year. You know, 'cause The Dudes love it SO much.

  • Knowly

    What fun! My girls loved going to the fair. In fact a year later they are still talking about.

  • Draft Queen

    That picture of MM and Bella on the carousel? PRICELESS! I love it!

  • Anonymous

    We don't do fairs. This *almost* makes me want too - because the memories are always SO good.

  • TKW

    That first picture? Awesome! Look at Bella's face!

  • Anonymous

    I have such happy childhood memories of our fair outings. Somehow I don't remember being hot or sticky or waiting in long lines, but I remember the happy screams and exciting rides. I think your kids will hold onto these memories for a long time - especially with these great pictures to jog their memories!

  • Liz

    Bella is NOT a happy camper riding Dumbo!

  • Rudri

    These are great pics Kelly. Makes me homesick for the greatest fair in the country (at least in my opinion) The Texas State Fair. Glad all had a good time.

  • Meet the Smiths

    What a fun time! I can't wait for when we go in a couple of weeks. We have a Yamboree (festival of the Yam) coming up...I'm excited!

  • Justine

    This looks like a great time! My Guy can't wait for Little Miss to be old enough to ride on roller coasters with him because I'm the biggest wimp when it comes to rides. At fairs, I usually go for the funnel cake and corn dog and call it a day.

  • Cathy Reaves

    And these are what the best childhood memories are made of. I fondly remember going to the local fairs with my family when I was a kid. Such a great thing to do.

  • Stacia

    Daddies and daughters riding shiny-maned, flower-bedecked horses together ... Is there anything sweeter?? =>

  • Jami

    I love a girl who knows what she wants. hee hee.
    These are the memories we will look back on wistfully when they are grown.

  • Cheryl

    Those photos are fab! The one of your husband and daughter on the carousel is absolutely priceless.

  • Dalia - Gen X Mom

    A yearly trip to the fair is usually a must. This year we actually made it to the state fair (we usually do the county one). I think I expected more but it was still a great time.

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