Cluck of the Week: Size matters

When we introduced Here's Your One Chance Fancy Don't Let Me Down into our flock, she was the grand dame of chickens and towered over Stella, Lulu2, and Maisy.

A few months of free range living (and daily fresh eggs later), she isn't looking so ... meaty.

We still miss Stella (and have to remind Bella every day that she's not coming home), but these little red girls are pretty cool. Word on the street is we may soon have THREE fresh eggs daily.

New source of income? I can't say for sure ... but someone I know is talking about a new round of chicks in the spring. (And it's not me.)


  • TKW

    I don't know why your chicken updates tickle me so much, but they do. Fancy is quite...fancy!

  • Draft Queen

    I remember LOATHING having to fetch the eggs everyday. Better you than me, my friend.

    (Poor Bella looking for Stella. Sniffle)

  • BigLittleWolf

    Bella and Stella. (Can't help it. That makes me grin.)

    Your chickens look like they own the place! (My kids used to want a few farm animals wandering in our back yard. Don't think our urban neighbors would've appreciated it. But every now and then, I wonder... maybe some sheep to take care of the grass? Or would that be a goat?)


  • Anonymous

    It's like a soap opera, Tales of Three Red Girls. So fun. I really enjoy reading these updates.

  • Unknown

    We had chickens when I was growing up. Fond memories.

  • Unknown

    haha I love mountain man wanting to get more!

    i would buy chickens from you if I lived close enough!

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