Cluck of the Week: Eggtastic

We visited with some friends today who established their flock (that's chicken terms, people!) about a month before we did. They have a Black Star, an Ameracauna, and a Golden Comet -- which means their flock is much more colorful than ours.

However, they also lay a much different egg. For instance, the Ameracauna lays a blue or green egg commonly called Easter eggs. Very pretty! Our Rhode Island Reds lay your standard brown farm egg, but they find a way to make their breed stand out.

You see that ginormous egg up there? It's Fancy's. The other egg was laid by the Ameracauna. Take that you colorful show offs!

And speaking of eggs, #1) I learned you really should rinse them off, but #2) only right before you eat them and #3) only with warm water (unless they are super dirty, which is when you could use a weak bleach solution. Also, #4) chicken eggs have a protective coating that allows them to go unrefrigerated for up to 10 days. Who knew?!

In summary, yes, we are still refrigerating our eggs and, yes, we have been singing "Fancy got eggs!" to the tune of Baby Got Back. What else would we do?


  • TKW

    Fancy must have been a Pteradactyl in a former life. That's an enormous egg!

  • Bibliomama

    Blue and green eggs? I want those chickens!

    I usually rinse my eggs off right before I crack them. I wasn't sure if I was just being anal. Ha.

  • Rudri

    Wow! The size of that egg is really enormous. Can I come over for breakfast?

  • Stacia

    That egg looks picture perfect. I am imagining an omelet now ... Yum!

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