Getting the spirit

We didn't do much to celebrate Halloween last year except for trick-or-treating. This year, I have two children who beg to make crafts and a holiday that begs you to use your imagination. So we did.

We painted pumpkins.

And turned them into Frankenstein and Potato Longstocking.

And rather than carving anything (and probably cutting off a finger), we made Halloween-themed lanterns. Not pictured is the Frankenstein lantern  that will be finished up on Thursday (because football practice sucks up most of Javi's free time over the next two days).

Want to make the lanterns with your crafty kiddos? See my post at From the Monkey Bars for a step-by-step!

What fun crafts are you doing this week?

***This post is part of the 30-minute blog challenge.***


  • Anonymous

    Crafts are not my thing. Actually they are my husband's thing. But we did paint little pumpkins, we'll carve big ones, and we always make our boys costumes froms scratch. There isa them. My oldest wants to be a pumpkin!

  • Liz

    I love that Bella painted her little pumpkin, purple!

  • Cori

    Hi. I popped over from Steady Mom. Just love your pumpkin jars! How fun!

  • amber_mtmc

    Bella is SO big. (I know, remnants of your last post. And I don't even know her in real life. Sigh.) Does she always run around naked? Cuz' her and Emily would get along great.

    Those pumpkins are awesome! Can you come and do crafts with my kids? I cringe when I think about doing that. ; )

  • allison

    Eve paints topless too! We usually do our pumpkin-carving at the pretty close to last minute -- the kids draw the faces and my husband carves them exactly how they are drawn, except for variations to maintain structural integrity. Eve has painted some little pumpkins -- Angus is past the crafts stage, except when he suddenly isn't.

  • Draft Queen

    This was the first year I let the kids carve their own pumpkins, usually they paint them.

    They came out... Well, let's just say photos would leave you guessing.

    But they had fun. Looks like Bella and Javi did too!

  • BigLittleWolf

    What fun. Fabulous pictures! (My kiddo is dressing as a wacky teen this week... uh, because... exactly. We should be carving our pumpkins sitting on the stoop instead!

  • Jami

    Your crafty side is coming out! These lanterns are SOO cute. And pumpkin painting is great! Love it!

  • Cheryl

    Such great ideas! I might have to try the Mr. Potato Head approach to pumpkins next year... I'm not much for carving.

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