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You see that little girl up there? That's the girl who dropped an 8-pound bright pink bowling ball no less than five times without ever taking off someone's toe. She's the same girl who refused to use a lighter ball or to allow anyone to help her roll her too-heavy ball down the lane, who screamed when she saw anyone around her using a bright pink ball even though she was firmly clutching the one she chose to use, and who stretched her sundress tightly over the ball and yelled, "Yook at me! I habin' you a baby!" and then snarled at anyone with the gall to ignore her antics.

That little girl up there? She's mine. All mine. If you ever needed proof, now you have it.

**This post is part of the 30-minute blog challenge.


  • CaneWife

    LOL! She's so cute! I can't wait to take Turtle bowling. It looks like so much fun!

  • Anonymous

    The sad thing is, Bella could probably beat me at bowling. (I felt great sympathy for then candidate Obama when he was roundly mocked in the press for his gutter ball during the '08 campaign.)


  • Jami

    For a long time after my little one born, my daughter thought she was having a baby. She called her baby sister. They are so sweet aren't they? It makes me want to go bowling. I'll have to put that on the summer to do list.

  • The Drama Mama

    Ahahahaha! You've definitely got a diva in the making.I have distant memories of Jellybean doing the same thing at the bowling alley. Nothing less then the pink ball, every time. Heaven forbid someone touch it. It makes for an entertaining evening doesn't it? Cheers for a never boring life.

  • se7en

    Oh the darling!!! Love it!!!

  • Janine

    That ball is almost bigger than she is...ahh yes, I think she may have some lion in her. ; )

  • Kelly Miller

    @CaneWife - If you're lucky, your bowling alley will offer those little ramp things for the toddlers to use. Man, I miss those!

    @Kristen - I suck at bowling, too. I'm always so grateful that I can laugh at myself when I come in dead last (behind the big kids, even) instead of being upset like others tend to get.

    @Crazymom - I totally remember doing the same thing when my younger sister was born (I'm 4 years old than she is). It's so cute to see them modeling that way.

    @DM - Yep, the screeching could be heard across the alley. It was fantastic. ;)

    @Janine - All lion, dude. All lion. She does have a Golden Retriever side, though. I hope she learns to let it out more often!

    @Se7en - thanks!!

  • TKW

    Oh, that girl's got spunk! Too funny!

  • BigLittleWolf

    How does she lift that ball? I couldn't do it! (And her shoes are HOT!!!)

  • Draft Queen

    How did a little girl like her accomplish moving that big ball?

    So terribly adorable, though.

  • Janine

    She will do just fine...cause she's got an awesome mama who loves her! Keep up the good work!

  • Kelly Miller

    @BLW & Jill - She's determined, that's all I can say! She refused any help with it and even began saying, "You not comin' up here wit me, kay?" And would stand there until I sat down. Then she'd waddle up to the lane.

    @Janine - I think God definitely gave her to the right person. A less lion-y mom wouldn't know what to do with her!

  • amber_mtmc

    What I love about this? How proud you are of her.

    To echo Kristen, she would probably beat me AND my husband at bowling. : )

  • becca

    She is adorable! She'd definitely give me a run for my money in bowling! My daughter runs full speed ahead with the ball and then just drops the ball at her feet. And then she cries that it isn't moving. I think I'll stick with gymnastics for now.

  • Kelly Miller

    @Becca - that's exactly what Bella did! We sent the boys down to push it harder when it got stuck a few feet down the lane. Bella didn't cry, though, she just jumped and cheered for herself.

    @Amber - I see if there's ever a get together, bowling will not be an option for entertainment!

  • Susan Berlien

    When you find something you like..like a beautiful pink bowling ball...you gotta live it :)

  • Honey Mommy

    That is so stinking hilarious!

  • Cheryl

    Too, too cute.

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