WFMW: Gift tags

If you're like me, you hate buying cards (a. because no one reads them and b. they are a waste of valuable resources [like trees!]) -- but I also hate either having to be the one who reluctantly raises her hand when at a gift-giving event and the recipient is looking around trying to figure out who brought the gift she's holding (or the mom who doesn't put her son's name on a birthday gift -- you know those looks are the worst).

So I came up with an easy solution: Reuse the cards we get. I know what you're thinking: We all reuse unsigned cards. But that's not the kind of use I'm talking about. I cut the cards down into smaller squares, punch a hole in the corner, and use funky ribbon to tie the "gift tags" to bags. For wrapped gifts (who does that anymore?), I cut the cards into rectangles and fold them in half long ways. Then I use double-sided tape to stick the tag to the package.

For a few pennies (just the cost of your ribbon or tape, really), you can have some of the cutest and most decorative gift tags your gift recipient has ever seen. I hope you'll try it!

This works for me. What works for you?


  • eringoodman

    i usually skip cards because they are just so darn expensive (i totally know what you mean about having to raise your hand to claim the unidentified package -- that's me far too often!!)...but this is a great idea!

    thanks for the great tip (and for visiting my blog earlier ;-)!

  • Katie Jones

    I do use cards (buy them in bulk at Costco), but when I don't have one or don't feel like it, I just write our message on the wrapping paper with a Sharpie!

  • Michelle

    I love this idea, I make a ton of my own cards but hate throwing away cards I get, you can't keep them all though. Will use this idea.

  • The Activity Mom

    Great idea! I also saw something recently about saving gift cards (with a zero balance) and covering them to make tags.

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