School Pictures

We were having a hard morning back on July 21. We woke up late. Javi thrashed and fought through breakfast, getting dressed, and brushing his hair and teeth. Bella wanted to be doing anything but preparing for her day.

I got her dressed and then she spilled the bowl of milk leftover from Javi's cereal that he left on the edge of the table. So I got her dressed again. I couldn't force her to sit still so I grabbed up a handful of hair and threw a hairtie around it. Then I had to argue with Javi about why he couldn't stay home by himself while I took her to school.

When we finally got in the car and on the way, I just wanted to crawl into a deep, dark hole and hide out there until they were 18 and headed off to somewhere (anywhere) other than my house. You can imagine how horrible I felt, then, when I got to Bella's school and the teachers came running out excited to see how I dressed her for picture day.

Picture day? Really? No one thought to remind me? My solution was to cart her off to the bathroom and use the sink to put some semblance of order into her hair. Then I pulled off the outfit I'd thrown together and pulled out the much cuter one that was hanging out in her cubby as her back up clothes in case of an accident.

But I really needn't have worried. As soon as my baby knew she was getting her picture taken, she was the Belle of the Ball. She primped and prissed and princessed her way to the picture area and then acted like she'd been modelling her entire life. She had everyone's captive attention and we all oohed and ahhed over her. When her session was over, we had to drag her away kicking and screaming.

Since that morning, I've been anxiously awaiting the photos to come in. I knew they'd be fabulous because even if she looked like a kid whose mama doesn't love her, she smiled like a child who knew the world would always fall at her feet. And I was right, the pictures turned out great. I mean, they aren't as amazing as these, but they'll do for school photos:

I couldn't afford the entire package and the digital images cost $60 on their own. This is the best I could do for bloggy purposes, but these are my favorite two poses. Family and friends can expect their pictures soon!


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