My dancer bugs

I think every child goes through a phase where he or she wants to be a professional dancer. In our home, the desire is a little different. B-boy to be exact.

Both Javi and Bella try to break, spin on their hands, do handstands, and drops. Bella can actually hold a handstand move and Javi is perfecting his popping and locking.

I am not at all surprised considering how many times we've watched So You Think You Can Dance and America's Best Dance Crew (and, yes, we call it ABDC in our house). But what I find hilarious is this:

When the music cues up, Bella bebops on the sidelines while Javi breaks it down. Then Javi maneuvers himself out of the spotlight and Bella dances her way in. They are the cutest, whitest, least trained dance crew I've ever seen. And they make my heart soar.

I promise to get it on video. However, when either of them hear the dang thing whir on, they immediately stop and hide. As evidenced by this attempt at undercover video footage (sorry it's wrongly oriented, I was being sneaky):

Stay tuned!


  • Courtney Jenkins

    Can't wait to see this on video! Secretly, I have a hidden desire to be a b-boy (or girl) too! I LOVE the hip hop on SYTYCD & try to catch ABDC on re-run when I can... Don't tell ;)

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