Lullaby and goodnight

Usually Billy does bathtime, but the rare times that I wind up doing it, Bella loves to lay down in the tub and ask me to "covah ma op!" (transaltion: cover me up) with a wash cloth. She then pretends to sleep and I must act shocked and excited when she announces, "I waked up!"

But the last few times, she's wanted to me sing as she "sleeps." So, I had to come up with a sleep song. I love the song "Lullaby and Good Night," but who can remember those lyrics? I did the only smart thing and made up my own. The song was such a hit that everyone in the house now knows it and sings it on command -- including Bella:

Want to add it to your pretend play repertoire? The lyrics are easy to remember and you don't have to pay me any royalties for using them. :)

Lullaby and good night
Close your eyes, sweet [insert name]
Go to sleep, go to sleep
I hope you have sweet dreams
(Repeat as many times as your child wants.)


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