Perhaps this is why

Last week, I packed up Javi and we headed over to the library. We went a lot in July when he was participating in their summer program, but August saw us spending lots of time at the park instead. I missed it and he loves it -- well, he loves the endless supply of drawing books, anyway.

While we were there, I used the free wifi to do some layout and proofing. What is usually a struggle here came naturally there. I think the difference was:

a) I was at a desk. Like, a real live one. With a chair and everything.
b) There was room to spread out papers and pens and station my phone so it was away from my fingers.

Back when I worked at a desk, I would jot things down as they came to me and then address those items when I completed the current task. In my current "office," I am often shifting and readjusting and dropping and man is this laptop hot, and hey, wonder what's in the fridge.

This is my current office:

Perhaps that's the reason I feel my motivation has left the building. A beautiful, spacious, well lit home office is at the top of my mom porn list. Perhaps this is why.

In our next home, I will have a room of my own. It will be motivating and pretty and I will look forward to spending time in it. A girl can dream, right?


  • Stephani

    If I can dream of my perfect house and get it (everything, including a home office!) after living in a 1 bedroom house with 4 kids, you can get your office, too! Write down everything you want in your dream home, put pictures that you like with it, and plan on getting it! :) We just moved last month and am still amazed that we have the house we do!

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