QOTD: Yep.

There's a well-known fact amongst our circle of friends: Without the benefit of their wives, our husbands couldn't plan their way out of a paper bag.

Therefore, whenever one tries to schedule a "boys' night out," there's invariably a wife (or three) working hard behind the scenes: calling other wives, making lists, coming up with suggestions, smoothing out all the barriers to said night. (Surely this is the way of wifedom, right?) For our group, "boys' night out" is usually a camping trip. It's one night, without wives or children, in a camper at the local lake. They pick a day ... and then the wives take over.

We make the reservations, communicate about who's bringing what, buy all the fixins for a camp lunch and a grilled-to-perfection dinner, stock the camper with sunscreen and bug spray, and make sure everyone has at least two clean towels and enough freshly laundered sheets and blankets.

It's a process that the men don't even notice. You'd think there was a camping fairy who waved her magic wand and created ideal conditions for them. No fairies. Just wives.

But sometimes the husbands get tired of hearing the wives joke at their expense -- which is the only way the wives know to deal with zero acknowledgement or appreciation. So the wives poke and laugh and blow out their breath. And the husbands roll their eyes and ... well, that's about it. But their exasperation is known.

And so, my individual husband asked me not so politely to butt out. He had this crazy idea that he didn't need my planning or communication skills. I heard his message loud and clear and have left the whole process to him.

That's why he's going man camping this weekend ... maybe. He's not exactly sure what's happening because he's had to communicate and plan all by himself. In fact, he thought the other husband had backed out and was planning to go with the kids instead. Why? Because of this conversation-via-text:

The other husband: Wanna go Friday or Saturday?
My husband: Not sure yet.
My husband: Thinking Friday too.
The other husband: Suppose to rain. Might want to do it another weekend.
My husband: Yep.

And that was the entire conversation. Yep. And off both these husbands went on their ways.

The other husband's interpretation: Saturday night only. My husband's interpretation: Friday night without his buddy, so take the kids instead.

Guess where my husband found out about the differing interpretation? Facebook. Last night. Days after the kids began dancing around and making elaborate lists of what they'll do with their one night and half day of camping with dad. Lists that require you check off each action as you do it.

I have no idea what the new plan is. I'm guessing with two men scheduling it, they aren't quite sure what the new plan is either. What I am sure of is that text conversation (if you can call it that) is exactly the reason I still do all the vacation planning, school communicating, and friendly gathering scheduling.


Only a husband.


  • Unknown

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. I love the kids list of possible activities! I hope they can still go. I am a little worried about the men in charge of planning though. Yep. I sure am!

  • ayala

    This is so funny Kelly. It's amazing when the men have to plan what happens.......I love the list!

  • Cheri

    My man is useless at planning too. Which is why I put my three best girlfriends in charge of making sure I have a memorable 50th birthday! They've planned a girl trip a week before my birthday. That is as much as I know. I can't wait!

    My man wanted to plan a family vacation. But claimed because I paid the bills, he needed my input. But has since told me it is a no-go since he is unsure about the status of his employment.

    Wasn't I the smart one putting my best girls in charge?

  • Liz Mays

    If there's a ball to be dropped, they'll drop it. If there's a stone to be left unturned, they'll leave it. If there's an end to be left loose, it's gonna be.


  • Ginny Marie

    I must be a lucky wife...my husband is a planner, and he's the one that plans all our vacations. I have nothing to complain about because all our vacations have been great! Sounds like he needs to hold a class for other husbands! :)

  • Hyacynth

    You ... are a saint. Seriously. I wouldn't even dream of planning my husband's night out ... not.even.dream.

    However, I'm seriously super amused by your tales of man-planning gone wrong! So funny.

    And the list -- "do nothing" had me chuckling. Oh, kiddos. As amusing as the husbands. :)

  • Bibliomama

    My friend Janet's husband is a not-bad planner. We still laugh that for a girls' night we send out fifty emails each and negotiate a place and time five weeks ahead and the guys are still calling around at five on the day they're meeting at five-thirty, but they manage to make it work, sort of. I love the list - Eve makes lists for everything. I think there's a list around that has all the steps for going to the bathroom.

  • Bibliomama


  • Liz

    Ain't that the truth! It's ALWAYS us women, even if we aren't the ones who are going to be partaking!

  • Rudri Bhatt Patel @ Being Rudri

    I am so curious as to how this is going to turn out.
    You're so nice helping him plan in the first place.

  • HynesMom

    This is hilarious! And makes me oddly proud of my husband. He and the buddies he has that do boys night out do it all by themselves. They've never camped, but they do a better job than the female halves of this group. Partially because they have lower expectations. For me, ladies night out involves wine and table service. But some of the other ladies are happy with a coke and a counter. Hence, our dilemma.

  • Anonymous

    I am roaring in laughter!!! My husband is EXACTLY the same, and most of his texts are just like that. And I shake my head and wonder about male communication.

    You MUST update us. I want to know what happens.

  • Stacia

    The little check boxes on the to-do list are killing me. So cute. And I'd love some time to lay down and watch clouds. That sounds amazing.

    Also, MM's camping trip sounds a lot like poker night around here. It might be tonight, or it might be tomorrow. It might be at Jim's, or it might be at Mike's. They might get a small keg, or everyone might bring their own 6-pack. They might get pizza, or they might just grill hot dogs. The only thing they know for sure is what game they're playing and what the limit is. Yep.

  • Draft Queen

    Hahahaha! A camping fairy!

    I shouldn't laugh, I'm as bad as the menfolk. In fact, if N didn't plan things around here, NO ONE would.

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